Creating the luxury branding for a new coffee shop in Wimbledon

Combined coffee shop brand and interior design

Crate47 was asked to create luxury branding for Demitasse, a brand new independent coffee shop in London. This was done in close collaboration with our parent company, Liqui, who designed and built a beautiful interior of understated elegance befitting a luxury brand in the speciality coffee sector. We have found that clients really appreciate the fully integrated service that we can provide by working together. It offers them a true synergy between their branding and the look of their new interior; whether it be a coffee shop, cocktail bar, or restaurant. In the case of Demitasse, we even helped them with finding the right location.

We delivered: Brand strategy | Brand naming | Brand identity | Logo design | Sub-branding | Print design | Print | Website design

The story behind the brand naming process

The entrepreneurial couple behind Demitasse have a common love and passion for coffee that’s informed by their experience of coffee culture around the world. Having settled in Britain they wanted to put their shared knowledge and own ideas into practice with the intention of creating one of the best coffee shops in London. They could see from our own experience in the field that we were a good fit for their new venture and asked us to start by finding the right brand name to suit their intentions. After further discussion with the client, a brand strategy was developed that focussed on quality, service, and customer experience. With luxury branding in mind, we embarked on the search for the perfect name that would embody their ethos. Our brand naming strategy required extensive research and much deliberation before Demitasse was chosen over all other possibilities. We felt that it evoked a sense of heritage and refinement that’s a fundamental component of a luxury brand.

Luxury branding with a classic quality

Once the brand name had been chosen it gave us the starting point from which to develop the luxury branding itself. We evolved an elegant typographical logo design of bespoke letterforms with original details that had the refined character and air of heritage that we felt the brand needed. In addition to the main logo, the small square diamond-shaped detail was extracted and placed beneath the capital ‘D’ which was set in a roundel. This gave us a stand-alone marque with its own distinctive look. To elevate the classic quality of the logo and marque we created a botanical illustration in the style of an old engraving that could be used subtly in the background on such things as printed items. These brand elements were enhanced by the use of a muted colour palette of dark grey, warm tan, and pale cream.

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Bringing the new luxury brand to life

Beyond the branding itself, Crate47 also undertook the graphic design of all print matter that was required to get this new hospitality business up and running. Items included separate-sized menu designs for food and drinks; business cards for the owner and manager; takeaway cups and carriers; bags, food wrap, and stickers. As always, we tailored our graphics to the individual requirements of our clients and guided them in what they might need to get started. In this case, we also arranged the printing of all items, as well as sourcing branded coffee dusters, the outside awning, and café barriers, along with window graphics for the front door. We even had bespoke branded billfolds made from the same grey leather used for the furnishings. In addition, we undertook the website design together with the SEO and copywriting, as well as the hosting and maintenance. We are also taking care of the marketing, social media, and content creation such as our food photography. All elements of their visual identity are involved in promoting this exciting new independent coffee shop with the emphasis on luxury.

Interior design, fit out, furniture and lighting

The luxury branding for Demitasse has been carried out by Crate47 in conjunction with Liqui’s coffee shop design; marrying the two together to work as a complete brand experience. Liqui created a classic, timeless interior of restrained luxury; combining clean lines with refined details and high-quality materials. To the back of the restaurant, an abundance of plants surround the bespoke Banquette seats of the dining area which is lit by a large skylight evoking an indoor/outdoor atmosphere. This feeling is enhanced by the bi-fold doors to the front; making the restaurant light and airy. A variety of high-end wall finishes such as foxed mirrors, Venetian plaster and fluted oak panels are brought together by the light marble flooring being laid throughout. The bespoke oak fronted counter has a state-of-the-art coffee mod bar keeping the top clear of clutter so as not to spoil the minimal aesthetic. On the wall behind, the brand marque is fittingly rendered in brass.

In addition to designing the interior, Liqui were also responsible for the entire restaurant fit out together with the design and manufacture of the furniture and lighting. This included pieces from existing ranges with custom finishes as well as the completely bespoke banquettes and tub chairs upholstered in sustainable fabric and leather. By combining Liqui’s virtuosity with Crate 47’s expertise in all things related to branding and visual identity we offer our clients a truly holistic approach that is both highly creative and immensely practical.

“Very professional, attentive and easy to work with. Very high standards and detail oriented. We highly recommend their services.”