Branding Insights
Guide to Law Firm Rebranding

A guide on what to consider, and the benefits of Law Firm rebranding.


Modern brand – retaining heritage

Rebranding a law firm can be a challenge. Sometimes there can be historical factors that need careful consideration, but resurfacing with a confident new brand or rebrand is proven to not only instill new confidence in existing clients but can also attract new business. We believe that it is vital to make a law firm appear more approachable and forward-thinking by adding a touch of creativity to a professional service, without losing the sense of heritage and tradition. 


A confident, modern approach

It’s important to conduct plenty of research when rebranding in order to get the brand identity on-point so that it will maintain clients’ trust in your services. When working with well-established law firms, we know that portraying professionalism and confidence through the brand is key to the success of the company rebranding. 

A high-end finish

The finer details can sometimes be the deal-breaker. For example, when it comes to business cards, developing a clean high-end look and feel, with a considered approach to paper stock and printing techniques, can be a significant up-scale in positioning a brand identity. A business card represents your law firm and what it has to offer, therefore well-considered design can be a clever and subtle way of demonstrating the high-end standards you wish to convey. 


Carefully considered design

Sometimes it may be more beneficial for a law firm to retain some of the existing brand. This all depends on the significance of these elements to the firm and what it means within their field. Heritage can be applied in the form of a choice of font, or an introduction of a new pattern or marque, such as Hogarth Chambers. It can give a brand a new lease of life. Colour works in the same way. 

Clean, user-friendly websites 

It’s important for a law firm to have a website that is user and mobile-friendly. According to Google, as of 2020 58% of all web searches are on mobile devices, so it’s essential that your law firm reaches that market potential. Also, consider the website development too. This can help condense heavy content that is quite common in law firms and present the key information through dynamic functionality and structured page layout. This offers a more interesting UX, making it easier for the end-user and resulting in quicker conversions. 


Professional Photography and Videography

This is a great way of developing your brand identity. By creating a photographic language in a style that is unique to your brand we can set you apart from your competition. Candid or location corporate headshots and style shots for website content (like hero sections and service/sector related images) offer visual cues to users. This can enhance the overall UX of the website we would design. Online video is a massive brand asset, and we use feature videos and video mouse-overs, that we shoot and produce, like visual cues to engage and inform the visitors to your website. User retention is also greater the more imagery you use.

Brand creation and application

Things always begin with brand strategy. Market research and focused discussions are very important to establish the direction for the rebranding. Research into the styling of imagery and other elements that can portray the brand’s visual identity is also useful. This is mainly about how the brand will translate into off-line and on-line assets. Brand logo files, for instance, that can be used for print media and web application. We provide visual concepts during the design stage and then the final ready files once everything has been signed off. Our print design can include business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, and legal corners. While our website design includes market research and other elements as aforementioned. And marketing includes social platforms etc.