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Creating a corporate brand identity for an international enterprise

Crate47 developed Liqui’s complete corporate brand identity from scratch: from their immediately recognisable logo to their acclaimed website and printed brand assets. Liqui is a contemporary design practice; well respected in the industry with an ever-growing worldwide reputation for innovative design.

We delivered: Naming | Brand strategy | Branding | Web design and development | photography | Videography | Illustration | Print 


Capturing the true character of innovative design

Crate47’s photographers have always been on hand to produce both reference and style shots that bring out the individual qualities of Liqui’s unique furniture and lighting. Our product photography has been used on their printed collateral for trade shows, in both look books and on postcards; as well as for printed and online brochures.

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Exhibitions and interior design photography

As the interior and exhibition sectors of Liqui’s business have grown, Crate47’s photographers have been on hand to go on location and record the finished projects. This has included both still photography and video, as well as time-lapse photography of a coffee shop fit-out. The content we’ve created has been used for the Liqui website and in their brochures and on other print items.

A portfolio website that highlights great design

We designed the Liqui website to be clutter free allowing the work to speak for itself. A clean user experience (UX) was essential; making it clear what their core areas of practice were: interior, exhibitions, furniture and lighting design. With links to similar items at the bottom of most pages, visitors can explore their work with ease and are never left at a dead end.

Manufacturing Photography and Videos

Liqui are not only designers but manufacturers as well. Crate47 have documented the various manufacturing processes that Liqui employ when working with such materials as wood, metal, fabric, and leather. Our photographs are used for their promotional material such as brochures and our video shorts for social media. We have also produced a corporate video for them which tells the story of their brand and includes shots of some of their finished interiors as well as showing the process involved in their design.

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Crate47 and Liqui working hand in hand

Both companies share the same studio space, which means that we truly understand the nature of Liqui’s work. This has evolved into us working together on a number of joint ventures. While Liqui have designed and built the interior of several new coffee shops Crate47 have taken care of the branding, signage and menus, etc.. This has worked extremely well and offers our clients a truly turnkey service.

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