Muni Coffee Co
A turnkey solution for new coffee shop identity

Filipino and European influences meet up for coffee

Muni is a coffee company that combines both Filipino and European coffee influences. We reflected this USP across the entirety of the brand by using elements of the Filipino culture, such as patterns and colourways, within our design for the brand and interior itself.

We delivered: Brand strategy | Branding | Interior design | Furniture and lighting design | Manufacture | Fit-out | Web design and development | Photography | Print



Integrated branding and interior design

The branding was all-encompassing, including their own label coffee branding, signage, and menu design as well as website design. This was done in conjunction with our sister company Liqui Group who undertook the actual cafe design for the whole interior including the counter, furniture, and lighting. Working together ensured that Muni’s unique coffee brand would stand out in London’s bustling coffee scene.

Liqui Group

Built-in brand flexibility

Knowing from the outset that Muni intended expanding their enterprise we decided the best approach would be to brand each new location in a slightly different way. Using the same logotype we developed a variety of colourways and related patterns.

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