M Border Solutions
Corporate branding for a global customs broker

A new brand identity that is strong, modern and serious

The brief that Crate47 had from M Border was for their new corporate branding to be strong and modern in appearance. At the same time, the brand identity had to convey a seriousness of purpose as they specialise in customs brokerage and the logistics of expediting the movement of goods between countries globally. It was important that the rebrand hit the mark and gave potential customers confidence in the company’s abilities in a field where attention to detailed regulations is paramount.

We delivered: Branding | Logo design | Print design

One corporate identity – two directions

For the logo design, we developed a marque made up of two arrow forms facing in opposite directions to symbolise the passage of goods moving in both directions across a border, as in import and export. The modern ‘arrows’ were created by cutting the initial ‘M’ in half, turning one side upside down, and positioning them back to back. These are set within a square giving the visual identity the desired look of strength and stability. When required, the marque is underlined by a minimal typographical logo which we executed in a bold font. This, together with its split ‘M’ detail, supports the angular shapes within the marque – giving a unity to the whole when both brand elements are used together.

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Ensuring web and print design fit the corporate branding

In addition to our corporate branding for M Border, our graphic designers also undertook the print design for business cards and various pieces of stationery. And, although we weren’t required to develop a new website for the company, our web designers created several concept pages. Together with the print items we designed, this gave them an idea of how the new branding should be used for company assets. Although, if the client had required, we would have produced a full set of brand guidelines for them to work from.

“I had never valued the importance of a professional branding agency for my business until I met Cameron and the Crate47 team, in very little time they figured out exactly what I needed and understood the principles of our business.”