Pier 29
Focused brand design for a new seafood restaurant

Branding and restaurant design that work together

Crate47’s brand design for this new seafood restaurant was developed in association with our parent company Liqui, who undertook the interior design. This ensured synergy between the branding and the restaurant design which both centred around the theme of boats combined with a West Coast harbourside vibe. This was to be a go-to location for good quality seafood and a relaxed dining experience.

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Restaurant branding with a nautical twist

For the branding we looked to the waterfront eateries of places like Seattle and San Fransisco where many establishments occupy old dockside warehouses. This led to the use of a fairly squared off typeface for the design of the restaurant logo – giving it a slightly industrial feel. But being a condensed font, and by stacking the words, we gave the logo design a more elegant look in keeping with the client’s vision for their new venture. Rendered in white, this was placed on a vertical navy blue ribbon that drew inspiration from the famous sailing race. The nautical colourway was carried through into the restaurant design in the form of navy blue walls.

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Several key branding elements complete the brand identity

As a further part of the brand identity, a complementary marque was developed that could be used as a stand-alone brand element when the full written logo design was unnecessary. This took the form of a roundel with a simple image of a pier building over water displaying the number 29. In addition, to complete the brand identity we executed a series of seafood illustrations in the style of old scientific marine engravings. These were a subtle part of the branding that we used throughout our print design to lend interest to such items as coasters, table napkins and menu design.

A restaurant design that’s a subtly themed brand experience

Liqui designed the interior of the seafood restaurant to be a subtle, nautically themed brand experience that ties in with Crate47’s brand design. The world of boats has been brought inside with a pair of suspended installation pieces that look like the skeletons of wooden boats made up of just the keels and ribs. One hangs above a row of tables and chairs while the other has its shape reflected in the banquette seating beneath it. Two similar structures, that take the form of boats cut in half, have been upended and placed against one wall to form open seating areas. Large mirror windows run the length of another wall giving the appearance of oversized portholes. In addition, Liqui designed and made a new range of lighting called Brixham that are reminiscent of old lobster pots, as well as creating their own take on a Captain’s Chair. Although many features of this restaurant design draw inspiration from traditional marine artefacts, this is a wholly modern interior that reflects those influences with a contemporary edge.

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