Modern brand id for a tech startup

Tech company branding with the future in mind

For the Mindly tech company branding Crate47 developed a brand id that had a future-focused look but with a friendly feel that is in keeping with the health technologies field of their products. This was a new area for us to undertake brand design for, and so, before embarking on the brand development itself, we carried out research into the sector and similar tech companies. We focused specifically on facial paralysis, neurological behaviour, and the use of VR, as these are the areas that the startup specialise in.

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A marque that reflects the complexities of the human mind

The branding needed to be applied in a number of ways, which meant that we needed to create a suite of brand elements to work with. We felt that a strong marque that was easily identifiable was a definite requirement. As Mindly work in the field of neurological behaviour we wanted a motif that reflected the complexities of the human mind. At the same time, it needed to be relatively simple so as to remain impactful. The idea of a labyrinth grew from this and was developed into a strong circular marque that can be used on its own or in conjunction with the written logo. It can also be utilised as a ‘watermark’ on printed items such as letterheads.

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A clean but not ‘clinical’ logo design

For the typographical logo design, we developed lettering that was clean and contemporary. Rounding off the corners of the font gives the logo (and in turn, the whole brand id) a more friendly look. This was done intentionally to make the company’s products appear less ‘clinical’ and therefore more appealing to the end-user; while at the same time being austere enough to give neurology professionals confidence in the brand. The logo was also designed to be used as variants for specific products, such as for the MindlyVR wearable technology.

Application of the brand id

Another important component of the Mindly brand id is the colourway. We wanted something that fit with the medi/tech field, but again wasn’t too ‘clinical’ looking. For the main colour we chose turquoise. We combined this with a blue/grey for the secondary colour. Both work well with a white background – giving the tech company branding a fresh, appealing look. With the addition of a complementary typeface, we had all the brand elements in place to design the communication media. We created such things as marketing material, stationery, business cards, and packaging design. We also produced template pages for a future website.

“Crate47 created a brand id for Mindly that projected futuristic technology but with a friendly, more human, quality that kept the end user in mind.”