The Wellhead
A memorable Brand experience for sophisticated cafe/bar.

Creating a memorable brand experience

This was another project where Crate47 worked alongside our parent company Liqui to create a memorable brand experience. This fully integrated service is much appreciated by clients looking for true synergy between the brand and interior of their new venture. The brand strategy was built around the client’s particular business model of a daytime coffee shop combined with a night-time cocktail bar. Our branding had to be equally suited to what was almost two venues.

We delivered: Branding | Print Design

A brand identity portraying heritage

The location also had an influence on our approach. As the café/bar is housed in what was the pump room of an old brewery we felt that the brand identity should reflect this heritage and tie in with the historical surroundings of Finzels Reach in Bristol’s vibrant city centre. We modified Victorian style lettering giving it a rising curve to emulate a vintage logo design. We also gave the decorative scrolling a bespoke tweak so that the initials were intertwined on the stand alone marque we created set on a roundel. The brand design came to life with a sophisticated colourway of gold, black and white which could be used in different combinations in the print design depending on whether it was for the coffee or cocktail side of the business.

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A brand and interior designed in harmony

Although The Wellhead was a relatively small coffee shop design, it needed a lot of thought and attention to detail for several reasons. Because of its small size and unusual shape, Liqui had to pay particular attention to ‘flow’, space planning and layout of the seating and the coffee counter design in particular. Being a coffee bar during the day and cocktail bar in the evening, due consideration had to be given to the lighting as well as the overall interior design to allow the venue to function equally well on both counts. Together we succeeded in creating a well-conceived brand experience using brand elements effectively. The full written logo was displayed in key positions as free-standing metal letters mounted on the exposed brickwork of the interior and exterior of the building. While the brand’s circular marque was cut out of corten steel and back-lit to great effect in front of the terrace area.

“The brand design came to life with a sophisticated colourway of gold, black and white which could be used in different combinations.”