The Hideaway
A restaurant brand that reveals a hidden theme

Child-friendly branding for sophisticated adults

Crate47 had to strike the right balance with our restaurant brand for The Hideaway as this family eatery was to be child friendly but with a grown-up lounge bar feel. A jungle theme was settled on for the brand and the restaurant logo design was developed with this in mind. Behind the branding was the idea of animals being hidden by foliage which was a tie-in with the interior design developed by Liqui where plants were to play a key role. The restaurant brand identity had to be executed in a sophisticated way to engage adults while remaining appealing to children.

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A logo design that hides in plain sight

A single tree growing from an ‘H’ created a strong marque that was coupled with a classic serif font for the logo design that was integral to the restaurant brand. The sub-branding, used on the menu and other restaurant graphic design items, incorporated the silhouettes of exotic plants. We developed these illustrations further for murals on the interior walls, where partially hidden animals were integrated into jungle scenes, in a style inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau.

In addition to restaurant branding Crate47 also create branding for coffee shops

Providing a website solution that entices a wider online audience

The design ethos for the Hideaway Website design followed that of the brand, it had to appeal to an adult audience but show the food and interior offering that would cater to customers of all ages.
Crate47 designed the homepage to offer an instant impression of the restaurant, with full-screen imagery presented to the viewer accompanied by the main brand marque and written logo. The site navigation was clean, using a burger menu and full-screen navigation overlay. The main pages are styled in very much the same way, providing info sections about the business. Their ethos and the interior, as well as their menu, were the key factors in the layout of this design.

Crate47 can design websites for restaurants and coffee shops for existing brands as well as for businesses that also require our branding services, such as The Hideaway. Together with the actual website design, we can take care of SEO, copywriting, and any content creation such as food photography. The Hideaway was another joint project between Crate47 and Liqui Design who provided concepts for the restaurant interior design. These were realised as 3D renders which we used throughout the website design as visual content.

Brand creation and application

Things always begin with brand strategy. This means market research and focused discussion. Once we’ve established the direction that a brand should take we then explore our initial ideas with sketches. After that, we move into the digital realm to work up the strongest concepts into finished logo designs and develop any sub-branding such as typography and patterns. We’ll also look at things like the style of imagery to be used and any other elements of the brand’s visual identity.

We then prepare the chosen designs for presentation to the client. Once their final choice has been selected and undergone any fine-tuning, we can proceed with the application of the brand. This can cover any touchpoints required, including the website, print items, adverts, marketing collateral, and so on.

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“Behind the branding was the idea of animals being hidden by foliage which was a tie-in with the interior design developed by Liqui where plants were to play a key role.”