A superior brand update for premium electric bikes

Refreshing a brand to increase customer engagement

The only thing that we didn’t change, with our brand update for Desiknio, was the logo. This is because it’s already known within the industry; it’s distinctive, and, it looks good. But we have upgraded their visual identity in many other ways on top of developing a brand new website and giving a vital boost to their marketing. Our role has been to elevate the brand and increase brand awareness by appealing to a wider audience. Combined with our expertise in brand design, we originated engaging content creation for the web design together with print and online marketing, all with the aim of increasing sales.

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A website design that both informs and engages

A major part of our brand update for Desiknio is the engaging website we created. It has a contemporary magazine look that’s enhanced by strong visual content including our own photography, video, and infographics. The web design engenders an enjoyable user experience; allowing the viewer to explore the website with ease. Information is imparted in an easy to digest format that incorporates info graphics and diagrams of our own devising. There’s an interactive section where customers can customise the bikes to see what they would look like before buying. And there’s a dealership page to find the nearest stockists throughout Europe. All of these various website elements are integral to the overall effectiveness of the brand refresh.

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Photography that elevates the brand

Good visual content is crucial to the success of a modern brand update, and our creative photography and video have been used to great effect throughout Desiknio’s website and online marketing. Our product photography shows their innovative electric bikes at their very best; while our appealing lifestyle shots and video content bring them to life. We arrange photo shoots for each new version of ebike as it becomes available. Our location photography has been undertaken in a variety of places, from urban streets to more rugged terrain; showing the various ebikes in their most relevant setting. We also used a different model for each photoshoot to illustrate the bikes’ appeal to a diverse range of cyclists which is the central purpose of the brand refresh.

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Social media and online marketing

As part of Desiknio’s brand update, Crate47 have taken over the responsibility for their online marketing strategy; managing social media content, and online advertising. We consistently post a fresh and diverse selection of content on a regular basis. We’ve focused a lot on Facebook, where creating online adverts has led to a significant increase in the reach of our posts. This has had a direct and positive effect on the number of pre-orders the company now receives. Because Desiknio works closely with both Mahle and Pinion we tag them in our posts, which in turn has led to a greater brand awareness through ‘comments’ and the re-posting of content. These various marketing strategies have led to increased sales which is what is behind our brand refresh.

Graphic design for print

In addition to the infographics we created for Desiknio’s new website, we have also originated several printed technical data sheets for their dealers to use. In addition to individual data sheets for every one of their electric bikes, we also devised a means of showing the statistics for all of their ebikes together in one large format. Other print design includes brochures that rely heavily on our engaging photography for their overall impact. All of the printed items take their style cues from our web design; this engendered a consistent visual identity throughout the whole brand update.

“Good visual content is crucial to the success of a modern brand refresh, and our creative photography and video has been used to great effect throughout.”