Powell Gilbert
Branding for law firms

A complete brand refresh for a renowned law firm

Our branding for law firms always starts with us getting to know the client in order to develop a strong law firm brand strategy. Powell Gilbert LLP is a renowned specialist IP litigation firm serving the knowledge, technology and brand-based industries throughout Europe. They are highly regarded in their field and already have an established brand name, therefore it was decided to build on their reputation with a complete brand refresh rather than change the name altogether. With this in mind, our branding process developed a unique, standout visual identity, created to be memorable as well as reflect the liberal, approachable and professional nature of Powell Gilbert – bringing the firm to the forefront of their competition. In summary, Powell Gilbert LLP’s brand design exudes a sense of expertise, credibility, and forward-thinking innovation. Our agency’s strategic choices in logo, typography, colour, and imagery coalesce to create a brand identity that truly represents the firm’s values and aspirations.

We delivered: Brand refresh | Sub branding | Website design | Print design

An inspiring brand design

When we undertake branding for law firms we always consider the character of the brand and what the company stands for. The brand design for Powell Gilbert LLP epitomises professionalism, innovation, and credibility. Our agency has strategically crafted a visual identity that resonates with these core values, setting the firm apart as a leader in the field of intellectual property law. The inspiring branding we have created appeals to both potential clients and law professionals seeking career opportunities.

The new logo rebranding combines clean lines with a refined typography treatment, symbolising Powell Gilbert’s precision and attention to detail. The choice of typography balances modernity and tradition, encapsulating both Powell Gilbert’s forward-thinking approach and its rich legal legacy. With this in mind we also originated a vibrant, yet sophisticated, colour palette which infuses the law firm brand identity with energy while maintaining an air of authority. The psychology behind the new colour combination is to also offer a more current and inclusive representation.

The application of our branding for law firms is always paramount to our design approach. With Powell Gilbert’s rebranding the typography lends itself well to both print and digital mediums, ensuring consistent branding across various touchpoints. Our print design included a new letterhead, compliment slips, and business cards as well as individual ID photo cards.

An engaging law firm website design

In addition to print design, the application of our branding for law firms extends into the digital realm. With a meticulous focus on aesthetics and user experience, our team has created a digital showpiece for Powell Gilbert that seamlessly integrates branding, interactivity, and the dissemination of information. The new law firm website design showcases a modern and elegant visual identity that aligns with the company’s professional image. A harmonious blend of typography, colour palette, and imagery elevates the brand, creating a memorable and lasting impression.

All of the imagery used on the Powell Gilbert law firm website was taken by our own creative photographers and videographers. Images have been strategically selected to evoke authenticity by showcasing the firm’s experts and the collaborative work environment. Engaging, high-quality photography takes centre stage throughout the website design, featuring Powell Gilbert’s team, workspace, and legal endeavours. These visuals evoke a sense of reliability combined with approachability, fostering trust among clients and visitors alike. We captured all staff; from support team, all the way up to the leading lawyers within the partners at the firm. We utilised the space available at the law firm’s HQ, bringing the scale and approachability of the firm to the forefront. Rather than our photographers taking the usual corporate headshots, the staff video profiles were inspired by cinemagraphs where the images move slightly like a trick of the eye. This was done with a view to enticing users to interact with the profile pages for longer. Interior and exterior photography, together with video, has been used all through the website design to capture the essence of the law firm and their location. Particular images have been chosen to reflect specific custom services and sectors; offering a better connection to their portfolio of clients.

Another element of the visual content is the original iconography which has been crafted to enhance user understanding and engagement. Designed with clarity in mind, it also adds visual interest to complex legal concepts. Hierarchical typography also helps to subtly guide users around the website making their experience more satisfying. Crate47’s branding for law firms considers all aspects of the lawyer’s visual identity so that the brand works on every level across all media.

A complex lawyer website that is easy to use

Intuitive Navigation: The website’s navigation is designed with user-friendliness in mind. A clear and organized menu structure ensures visitors can effortlessly access critical information, practice areas, and case studies, enhancing their browsing experience.

Responsive Design: The website is fully responsive, adapting seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes. This ensures visitors have a consistent and enjoyable experience, whether they’re accessing the site on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Content Management System (CMS): A robust CMS empowers Powell Gilbert’s team to effortlessly update and manage content. This feature streamlines the process of keeping the website current with the latest legal developments and firm news.

The powellgilbert.com website design encapsulates the meticulous efforts of our creative agency to transform Powell Gilbert LLP’s identity into a captivating online presence. The marriage of stunning design aesthetics and seamless functionality ensures that visitors leave with a profound understanding of the firm’s values, expertise, and accomplishments.

Brand creation and application

Having established the direction that a brand should take, we then begin the comprehensive process of brand creation. Things often start with sketches and lots of discussion, before moving into the digital realm where we work up our ideas for logo designs, sub-branding (such as patterns) and style of imagery – anything that will be part of the brand’s visual identity.

After further discussion and analysis of what ideas best fit with our strategy for the brand, we prepare the chosen designs for presentation to the client. Once the final choice has been selected and undergone any fine-tuning, we can proceed with the application of the brand – website, print items, adverts, marketing collateral – any touchpoint that is required.

“Crate47’s branding for law firms considers all aspects of the lawyer’s visual identity so that the brand works on every level across all media.”