Life Water
Refreshing new brand for ethical water company

Making water droplets synonymous with the brand

Life Water is the UK’s leading ethical water company helping to provide clean drinking water in developing countries. Crate47 advanced their branding by pairing back their original design whilst retaining the essence of their existing logo. We introduced the symbol of two water droplets which were incorporated not only typographically but as a stand-alone motif that could be used on such things as bottlenecks; making them synonymous with the brand.

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We delivered: Brand strategy | Branding, Print | Label design | Bottle design

Clear labels that show the water

When considering the labels we thought that the water itself should be at the core of our approach and decided to use predominantly clear labels high-lighting the logo against backgrounds in the shape of a world map that tied in with their clean water aims for the world. Various shaped and sized bottles meant different layouts for each of the labels. Both reel-fed and cut and stack processes were used in the production of the assorted labels – the printing of which was overseen by ourselves at the printers.

Clean design promoting clean water for the world

By keeping the design of the labels as uncluttered as possible it gave the brand a fresh look that fits well within the upmarket events realm where Life Water bottles can often be seen adorning the tables.

Getting to grips with the sports bottle

We designed a brand new sports bottle which was evolved around a clean, modern shape using embossed and debossed elements including an encircling handgrip in the form of a repeat pattern of the droplet symbol.

Crate47 created the Brand and bottle design for Life Water UK

“Crate47 is a very unique and creative design agency. We absolutely love our brand re-fresh and the guys were great to work with ”