Restaurant Branding
Creating a unique brand identity that fits your restaurant interior
Strategically creative restaurant branding and interior design

Crate47’s restaurant branding is usually undertaken hand-in-hand with our parent company Liqui who create the interior design. The synergy between the two companies ensures that our clients get a fully integrated service with a brand identity that fits perfectly with the style of their interior. Our hospitality branding is always kept in line with the brand strategy which is built around the client’s key aims and overall vision for their new restaurant.


Finding the right restaurant name is paramount

Sometimes we are tasked with originating restaurant names for the embryonic business. This initial stage of the branding is a very important part of the process; everything hinges on choosing the right name. It’s imperative that it sounds right for the type of venue we’re creating and that it has the right connotations. In addition, when it comes to the restaurant logo design itself, the actual letters of the word can have an influence on the outcome. With all these things to consider, we undergo extensive research – looking at competitors, the venue’s intended location, and also explore such things as unintentional meanings and the phonetics of individual words. Having thoroughly assessed the positives and negatives of our initial restaurant names list, we then draw up a shortlist of just a few that we feel fit the requirements best. We’ll then explain our choices to the client who will make the final decision.


Developing the restaurant brand through collaboration

Once the restaurant name has been established we can start developing the branding in earnest. If the interior design is being carried out by Liqui, we’ll collaborate closely with them to make sure the brand and interior are in harmony. The main things we bear in mind when working on the restaurant branding is the type of venue our client wants to create; whether they want the brand to suggest a ‘fine’ or ‘relaxed’ dining experience for example, as well as the need to reflect the kind of cuisine that they are going to offer.


Creating a complete brand identity

Hospitality branding is not just about creating a good looking restaurant logo; the brand has to work as a whole. This is where other brand elements come into play; such as a stand-alone marque that can be used independently of the written logo, or a specific colourway and pattern that can be integrated throughout the interior. Illustration could be utilised as well; either in the logo itself or as decoration on printed items like the restaurant menu design and coasters. And it’s important to find the right typeface to use, of course. It’s a combination of these brand components that bring our restaurant branding to life and gives the client a set of assets they can use for different applications within the venue itself, or for such things as marketing.


Combining skills for a fully integrated service

Crate47 have a lot of experience of working with Liqui on restaurant branding and design. Combining our different skills means that we can fully integrate your brand with your restaurant’s interior. Our process can include local market analysis, brand positioning, innovative concept creation and even helping you find the right location if needed. Having created your brand, Crate47 can implement it in the graphic design of branded items such as menus, loyalty cards and stationery. We can also design your restaurant website, while our photographers can undertake the content creation. Combining all this with Liqui’s interior design capabilities we can offer you a full turnkey service.

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